The Story of the ToyMom's Attic

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The Story of the ToyMom's Attic

Once upon a time, I was a regular Mom. I worked a regular office job, watched the occasional Saturday morning cartoon with my two kids, and the only thing I was collecting in my house was dust.

After struggling to get my son to read for years, I finally tried Comic books! As those of you who collect comic books know, its like eating potato chips, you can't have just one. First comes the whole series, then the whole cross-over and all the one-shots. Then you slide into trading cards and action figures. From there your house becomes a warehouse... boxes of comics and toys stacked everywhere! And, like any good obsession, he drew me into it with him. And so my descent into the collecting realm began...

Together, my son and I would haunt all the local Comic stores, always on the lookout for that last 'rare variant' we needed to complete a set. I told concerned friends and family that I was just taking my son. But soon, I was going by myself! I started 'helping' at our favorite local Comic Book / Toy Stores. Working there for a few years I learned about the toy industry. I developed relationships with distributors, and learned how to open accounts so I could buy direct from toy manufacturers. I was hooked!

To be honest, my first sale was an accident. My son brought a friend home after school. When he saw all boxes of comics and toys and cards, he asked if any of it was for sale. I sold him a few extra packs of Magic cards to which he proclaimed, "You're like the Toy Mom!" And the name stuck!

From then on, I was known as the "ToyMom" to all my kids' friends. They would come by to get the latest Magic cards and toys. Using the relationships I had made in the industry, I started ordering boxes of the latest cards and toys knowing the kids would want them. So, collecting one of each toy (including the variants, of course) grew into buying toys by the case. And, to be fair to my daughter, I started collecting dolls with her! But what to do with the extras!?

Enter Ebay, exit my "real job". I started by selling off the extra dolls and figures I had lying around. Then I started buying figures just to sell. After seeing how much I liked it, I decided that I could have my own online company. And so, ToyMom's Attic was born.

And so, nearly a decade ago, I began selling collectible dolls and action figures on E-Bay ever since. A few years later I opened on And now, I am opening my own online store.

As an Ebay and Amazon seller, my first priority has always been and will always be to provide top quality items and top quality service. That commitment to excellence will continue at

I look forward to exceeding your expectations!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me: